Choosing the proper lawn for your garden:

One have to bare in mind that kikuyu and Berea are a softer grass than buffalo.

Buffalo : can handle a lot of traffic e.g kids running and playing, dogs can run on it, without causing huge damage as with kikuyu and Berea.  Does not need a lot of water and in general can handle shade and shady areas better than kikuyu and Berea. Buffalo thrives in sandy soil, obviously provided it gets enough feeding and fertiliser. Does not need that much mowing.

Kikuyu: Here again we have a lush, softer lawn, that don’t really like that much traffic. Needs a lot of water, struggle in shady areas sometimes, nut there have been cases that it works well in shady areas.  This lawn in itself are very unpredictable regarding growth and general maintenance.  Once you have control of your soil and know which fertilizers and compost works best for the specific area, you can sit back and boast with a well growing and healthy lawn.   

Berea: Berea is a very soft bladed lawn grass that exhibits an incredibly high tolerance to shade, it is can be grown in both sun and shade. It has a similar root structure to buffalo grass, depending on how long you like the lawn to grow, it can look good on the “tall and long” side, but also short.  Bare in mind that this lawn will not look good if you cut very low and might cause brown spots made by the mower.